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darghon 07-11-2009 01:54 AM

Fail Configuring Subversion through apache2 ssl
Hello all,
I'm trying to configure a project repository on my Debian Lenny 5.0.2 machine.

I want to be able to synchronise with the repository with rapidsvn in linux and tortoise in windows.

The repository needs to be accessable within the private network, as well as through the internet but with a https login.

So far I've searched the internet for guides and stuff, but after each guide I seem to fail to get it running.

I've installed apache2, with libapache-svn, libapache-mod-php5, openssl, ssl-cert, subversion, php5, ...
Now, I made a repository at /var/svn/repository while logged in as user www-data (apache user), and I map the repository with a virtual host.

Now I could connect to that repo and view it with iceweasel (browser), but when I tried to connect with rapidsvn, I keep getting errors that it's not possible.

So can anyone help me with a correct configuration?
I want to be able to create many repositories, one for each project.

Thanks in advance

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