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k3di 07-21-2006 01:55 AM

ezmlm bounce problem

I'm using ezmlm with netqmail+vpopmail+qmailadmin. When I create a new list with option "Only subscribers can post, all others bounce.", the subscribers and the list of the moderators may post messages to list. But only the subscribers can post, the moderators messages are bounced back with a "Sorry, only subscribers may post..." message.

.qmail files, directories and other files of lists's permissions/user/group stuffs are ok. I double checked them. The version of ezmlm is 0.53, ezmlm-idx is 0.443, netqmail is 1.05, vpopmail is 5.4.13, qmailadmin is 1.2.10.

I searched the net via google, but I couldn't find any incidents like this one. What can be the problem? Which files should I check? Has any one had such difficulties with ezmlm+vpopmail+qmailadmin?

Thanks in advance...


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