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Euphorix 12-20-2003 11:02 PM

Extreme Delay playing Audio/Video [Kernel 2.6/ALSA]
First off I'll explain what I did to my computer and what hardware I'm using:

- Fedora Core 1 (Yarrow) installed and then immediately upgraded to a custom 2.6.0 kernel with ALSA built-in.
- Upgraded to KDE 3.2 Beta 2, installed misc libraries/essentials like xine/mplayer, xvid/win32 codecs, libmp3 and several other libraries. Compiled mplayer, xmms, xvid, libmp3 libraries myself. Checked .configure reports after each program to make sure all options were setup correctly.

The whole system works perfectly fine. I have hardware 3D acceleration, I have audio in KDE using ALSA, the audio is clear and responsive (although volume settings are erradic)

I was VERY shocked to see that Fedora Core did not have mp3 support built in. Having compiled xmms myself, i have the mp3 plugin installed. plus i had already installed the xmms-mp3 package beforehand (while i was debugging the problem in the first place)

I have several DIVX files brought over from my nTFS partition and some MP3s, i have copied them over to my ext2 partition and attempted to play these files through mplayer, xine and xmms.

In each of these applications, when setup correctly, I will not get errors of No Audio etc, I just get a really long application freeze. It usually is random, but it takes anywhere from 1-3 minutes before the audio actually starts pumping out.

The same goes for the DivX movies. When playing in mplayer (Kplayer) the whole application freezes when I load the file and play it. It takes 1-3 minutes and it regains conciousness and starts to play the movie.

I have 2 audio boards in my computer. The main is the onboard Dolby 5.1 nVidia SoundStorm board. and the expansion card is the SBLive! X-Gamer board. Both are recognized by ALSA perfectly at startup.

I have not found how to change what device is the main device for use in all ALSA output. So i cannot check to see if this is a driver issue, or if it is a software issue.

Any help would REALLY be appreciated. I have almost got everything working in linux now and I really hope that I can finally just stay in it and not have to revert back to windows!

Thanks everyone!

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