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2Gnu 06-26-2016 12:59 AM

Evolution Not Connecting to Gmail
A perfectly functioning email setup has, within the last three days gone South - and only with Gmail.

Evolution 3.8.5
Slackware 14.0
Dropline GNOME 3.8

The error message:

"Could not connect to '': Peer reports incompatible or unsupported protocol version."

My assumption was that Google was blocking a dated version of OpenSSL or other crypto lib so I updated to the latest patches from both Slack and Dropline. No change.

Two Cox accounts on the same setup work fine. Two Gmail addys are broken. I can access the accounts fine via mobile app and web.

What am I missing? Thanks in advance for any pointers.

sgosnell 06-27-2016 07:15 PM

993 is the correct port. You should be using ssl of one type or another. I'm not sure what else to suggest. I haven't run evolution in a long time, so I can't recall much about the settings. My GMail still works fine with Thunderbird.

2Gnu 06-28-2016 08:12 AM

And then, as suddenly as it started, the problem is gone. No configuration changes or even a reboot since my first post.

ISP issue? Anonymous Google admin patched a server somewhere? Mischievous gnomes in my GNOME? I may never know but I appreciate any who read this and scratched heads along with me.

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