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gattaca85 10-18-2004 01:49 PM

eth0 not found, internet connection 50% of the boots
Ok briefly, here's my problem: My intenet works spradically, every time I log-in there's 50% chance that my connection won't indentify. On the start-up, if you expand boot detail is gives following line during network set-up part: "Bringing up interface eth0... [takes long time]...inteface eth0 not found, PING IP#, blah-blah, [FAILED]. And a the login screen I get "localhost.localdomain" for a host, that emans that when I start mozilla during session, no URL can be opened. And if I get "Bringing up eth0 [OK]", then I get, then internet works. Any ideas as to what is the cause of problem and how it can be fixed.
I use Fedora Core 2 RedHat LInux, nash version 3.5.22, cable modem connected to port for USB in the back, seems like no ethernet card inside, only smallmetal connector to omtherboard.
I've already made sure that all the plugs are securely plugged and tight. I think it's a problem with a driver and I already tried to look for it, but nothing on manufacturer's website. During installation linux installed generic driver. My cable modem model is : Terrayon tj 715.
If you need to know something other than just momem make, please leave a post here and how to look this info up.
ANY help is appreciated grealy.
ICQ: 272275900
ymessenger: genejackdelta
or I also hang out at, #linuxhelp whe I got time, under nickanme :genejack
p.s. - once again, thank you for any help, or attempt to help.

Doomhammer 10-18-2004 02:05 PM

Please post the output of the commands: lsmod and lspci -v (need to be su)

UsualTuxpect 10-18-2004 02:23 PM

I think u need to call comcast people ... about this .. coz i think ur not able to obtain the
lease through dhcp.. and the interface eth0 is timing out[waiting for the dhcp ip ]

Ask them about their DHCP server info and also dns ... and ask them to release ur ip from their side and assign a new one..

[ .. hmm .. Border Gateway Protocol ??]

[I had a wierd problem obtaining a lease with roadrunner.. every time i changed my ethernet card , ive had to call them and ask them to release my ip-to-mac addr mapping.. , iv'e gotten a Linksys router which has a cool feature called mac-address cloning.. and now i dont have to deal with the above mentioned issue any more..]

gattaca85 10-18-2004 10:17 PM

doomhammer: shell says command not foud, :((
usual tuxpect: After I try to get this information from Comcast, what are my exact action?And I hope this adjastment doesn't incur any fee? In any case, pleas explain what you think is going on and what we want to amke happen in greater technical detail.

UsualTuxpect 10-18-2004 10:37 PM

U need pciutils installed to use the lspci command....

i think ur not able to obtain the lease through dhcp.. and the interface eth0 is timing out waiting for the dhcp ip which comcast assigs/leases to your comp.

I dont think they will charge a fee... after all its basic customer service...

Ive never had that problem with Roadrunner atleast..

There have been instances when Roadrunner people even came down to my apartment to check as there... was a signal loss on my cable modem ...

Best of Luck...

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