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Old 10-04-2005, 10:17 AM   #1
Registered: May 2004
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Error When Compiling Gyach Enhanced / pY! Voice Chat

Lately I download gyach enhanced program from, testing to see weather the sound system works or not in linux env; because, originally, i use gaim 1.5.0, though it works fine, it doesn't support voice when joining yahoo chat rooms. And I know some people who are willing to use free softwares (to replace, e.g., yahoo im clinet), but there's no better choice (gaim is great, but it doesn't support sound in the chat room). Therefore, I hope at least to make a working version in linux in order to test in win env in future.

the error i encounter was
sounds.o(.text+0x701): In function `init_esd_play':
/root/g/gyach/src/sounds.c:400: undefined reference to `esd_play_stream_fallback'
sounds.o(.text+0x7b8):/root/g/gyach/src/sounds.c:350: undefined reference to `esd_open_sound'
sounds.o(.text+0x7f3): In function `esd_uninitPlayback':
/root/g/gyach/src/sounds.c:429: undefined reference to `esd_close'
sounds.o(.text+0x80e):/root/g/gyach/src/sounds.c:433: undefined reference to `esd_close'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x4f0): In function `load_local_document':
/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:188: undefined reference to `html_document_open_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x544):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:189: undefined reference to `html_document_write_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x54f):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:200: undefined reference to `html_document_close_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x5e0):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:211: undefined reference to `html_document_open_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x5fe):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:212: undefined reference to `html_document_write_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x609):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:213: undefined reference to `html_document_close_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x6c8):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:198: undefined reference to `html_document_open_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x78f): In function `load_yahprofile':
/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:234: undefined reference to `html_document_open_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x865):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:248: undefined reference to `html_document_write_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x887):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:255: undefined reference to `html_document_close_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x8ce):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:257: undefined reference to `html_document_write_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0xc5b): In function `load_html_document':
/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:364: undefined reference to `html_document_open_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0xc7c):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:365: undefined reference to `html_document_write_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0xc87):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:366: undefined reference to `html_document_close_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0xd43):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:282: undefined reference to `html_document_open_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0xd94):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:283: undefined reference to `html_document_write_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0xd9f):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:284: undefined reference to `html_document_close_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0xe39):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:274: undefined reference to `html_document_open_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0xed4): In function `set_myyahoo_html_data':
/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:390: undefined reference to `html_document_open_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0xef7):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:391: undefined reference to `html_document_write_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0xf04):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:392: undefined reference to `html_document_close_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0xfc3):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:383: undefined reference to `html_document_open_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x1010):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:384: undefined reference to `html_document_write_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x2006): In function `url_requested':
/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:603: undefined reference to `html_stream_set_cancel_func'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x2068):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:623: undefined reference to `html_stream_write'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x2158): In function `get_html_document':
/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:634: undefined reference to `html_document_new'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x2314): In function `create_html_widget':
/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:663: undefined reference to `html_view_new'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x2320):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:666: undefined reference to `html_view_get_type'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x233e):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:666: undefined reference to `html_view_set_document'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x2343):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:667: undefined reference to `html_view_get_type'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x2361):/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:667: undefined reference to `html_view_set_magnification'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x2485): In function `on_myyahoo_zoomin':
/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:689: undefined reference to `html_view_get_type'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x24c4): In function `on_myyahoo_zoomout':
/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:693: undefined reference to `html_view_get_type'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x1023): In function `set_myyahoo_html_data':
/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:385: undefined reference to `html_document_close_stream'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x24a1): In function `on_myyahoo_zoomin':
/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:689: undefined reference to `html_view_zoom_in'
htmlrender.o(.text+0x24e0): In function `on_myyahoo_zoomout':
/root/g/gyach/src/htmlrender.c:693: undefined reference to `html_view_zoom_out'
plugins.o(.text+0x99f): In function `load_module_full_path':
/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:340: undefined reference to `lt_dlopen'
plugins.o(.text+0x9ba):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:353: undefined reference to `lt_dlsym'
plugins.o(.text+0xa16):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:366: undefined reference to `lt_dlclose'
plugins.o(.text+0xa2c):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:356: undefined reference to `lt_dlclose'
plugins.o(.text+0xa5b):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:346: undefined reference to `lt_dlerror'
plugins.o(.text+0xbb6): In function `load_default_plugin':
/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:453: undefined reference to `lt_dlsym'
plugins.o(.text+0xc4b):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:474: undefined reference to `lt_dlclose'
plugins.o(.text+0xc93):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:485: undefined reference to `lt_dlclose'
plugins.o(.text+0xd0a):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:408: undefined reference to `lt_dlsym'
plugins.o(.text+0xd30):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:427: undefined reference to `lt_dlsym'
plugins.o(.text+0xdc0):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:433: undefined reference to `lt_dlclose'
plugins.o(.text+0xe9a): In function `load_encrypt_plugin':
/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:506: undefined reference to `lt_dlsym'
plugins.o(.text+0xec0):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:525: undefined reference to `lt_dlsym'
plugins.o(.text+0xed6):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:526: undefined reference to `lt_dlsym'
plugins.o(.text+0xf69):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:543: undefined reference to `lt_dlclose'
plugins.o(.text+0xfe5):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:520: undefined reference to `lt_dlclose'
plugins.o(.text+0x101e):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:562: undefined reference to `lt_dlclose'
plugins.o(.text+0x10d0): In function `load_plugin_modules':
/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:580: undefined reference to `lt_dlinit'
plugins.o(.text+0x10d8):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:581: undefined reference to `lt_dlsetsearchpath'
plugins.o(.text+0x159f): In function `gyache_encrypt_message':
/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:821: undefined reference to `lt_dlsym'
plugins.o(.text+0x15ea):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:807: undefined reference to `lt_dlsym'
plugins.o(.text+0x1627):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:793: undefined reference to `lt_dlsym'
plugins.o(.text+0x16df): In function `gyache_decrypt_message':
/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:884: undefined reference to `lt_dlsym'
plugins.o(.text+0x1726):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:870: undefined reference to `lt_dlsym'
plugins.o(.text+0x1776):/root/g/gyach/src/plugins.c:856: more undefined references to `lt_dlsym' follow
what file i need to include or install in order to prevent the
i appreciate any suggestion, sincerely.
Old 10-26-2005, 11:56 PM   #2
LQ Newbie
Registered: Oct 2005
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Hey, if you can tell me how to get to actually use it, I'll show you this:

now see if you can get it installed, and let me know what to do to get it to actually log in yahoo please?
Old 10-27-2005, 11:31 AM   #3
Registered: May 2004
Posts: 226

Original Poster
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Originally posted by {BL}Ticklemonster
Hey, if you can tell me how to get to actually use it, I'll show you this:

now see if you can get it installed, and let me know what to do to get it to actually log in yahoo please?

by following this link to install the gyach, it gets to work; although i'm not very sure the working version is the previous binary file downloaded from the source site or the version from In addition, i am able to log in yahoo without any problem.

thanks your help, indeed.

but in fact, my problem is that, due to there's a link error, which is hard coded in the source file, it causes consequently error when trying to list chatrooms in my country. therefore, i want to change it to test weather my assess is right or wrong. thus, i need to compile from the source file. however, the installation script is baffling, because lot of hard coded command, resulting in lots of error if the env is different from the auther. for instance, she uses python version 2.2, to which mine is different. thus, users who want to amend the problem would become difficult. further, it's pity, for, as i know, many people who are willingly to change to use other programs in replacing yahoo im but they are merely end users, who do know nothing but press 'next step' button (to installa software). accordingly, if i'm able to change those small bug, it would be a start to let other people have another choice.

i appreciate your help, sincerely. ; )

following is the steps i used to login to yahoo by gyach. (the installation is exactly the same as you provided, thanks; )

1. launch the program 'gyach' through action -> execute. then type gyach in the popped up dialogue. (sorry for the localization i use may be different from yours. so the steps, indeed, is translated directly from the name i saw on the screen, which may be different from yours ; )

2. after the gyach program launched, it would appear a dialogue on the screen with user name and password prompted. thus, i just type in those necessary information and it let me login in to yahoo system.

Last edited by shogun1234; 10-27-2005 at 11:38 AM.
Old 02-16-2006, 01:15 PM   #4
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For voice and WebCam support for yahoo messenger you can try gyach :
1. Download , and save it to your home directory (important!).

2. Run these commands in the terminal, in sequential order:

tar -xjf gyach-install.tar.bz2
cd gyach
sudo ./install

gaim-vv is another choice

Last edited by arsham; 02-16-2006 at 03:36 PM.


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