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toancnttk7d 03-06-2013 10:22 PM

Error video streaming simulator on ns2

set escenario [lindex $argv 0]
set opt(chan) Channel/WirelessChannel
set opt(prop) Propagation/TwoRayGround
set opt(netif) Phy/WirelessPhy
set opt(mac) Mac/802_11e
set opt(ifq) Queue/DTail/PriQ
set opt(mac) Mac/802_11
set opt(ifq) CMUPriQueue
set opt(ll) LL
set opt(ant) Antenna/OmniAntenna
set opt(CBRpsize) 1500
set opt(CBRrate) 1000000
set NumofSources 1
set opt(ifqlen) 50
#Queue set limit_ 1000
set num_nodes 50
set opt(NumOfMN) $num_nodes
set opt(RoutingProtocol) DSR
#DSR has 4 different physical queues: queue size set in dsr-priqueue.h
set opt(X) 520
set opt(Y) 520
set opt(MNcoverage) 120
set opt(speed) 2
set opt(start) 0
set opt(stop) 100
#Mac/802.11e set dataRate_ 11.0e6 ;# 11Mbps
#Mac/802.11e set basicRate_ 11.0e6 ;# (1Mbps)
#Mac/802.11e set bandwidth_ 11.0e6 ;# (1Mbps)
proc SetPt { coverage } {
set Gt [Antenna/OmniAntenna set Gt_]
set Gr [Antenna/OmniAntenna set Gr_]
set ht [Antenna/OmniAntenna set Z_]
set hr [Antenna/OmniAntenna set Z_]
set RXThresh [Phy/WirelessPhy set RXThresh_]
set d4 [expr pow($coverage,4)]
set Pt [expr ($RXThresh*$d4)/($Gt*$Gr*$ht*$ht*$hr*$hr)]
return $Pt
Phy/WirelessPhy set L_ 1.0
Phy/WirelessPhy set freq_ 2.472e9
Phy/WirelessPhy set bandwidth_ 11Mb
Phy/WirelessPhy set Pt_ 0.031622777
Phy/WirelessPhy set CPThresh_ 10.0
Phy/WirelessPhy set CSThresh_ 5.011872e-12
Phy/WirelessPhy set RXThresh_ 5.82587e-09
Phy/WirelessPhy set Pt_ [SetPt $opt(MNcoverage)]
puts "Pt_ ========== $[SetPt $opt(MNcoverage)]"
Antenna/OmniAntenna set X_ 0
Antenna/OmniAntenna set Y_ 0
Antenna/OmniAntenna set Z_ 1.5
Antenna/OmniAntenna set Gt_ 1
Antenna/OmniAntenna set Gr_ 1
set ns_ [new Simulator]
set trace [open "" w]
$ns_ trace-all $trace
$ns_ use-newtrace
set namtrace [open animation.nam w]
$ns_ namtrace-all-wireless $namtrace $opt(X) $opt(Y)
set topo [new Topography]
$topo load_flatgrid $opt(X) $opt(Y)
set god [create-god $opt(NumOfMN)]
set chan_1_ [new $opt(chan)]
$ns_ node-config \
-mobileIP OFF \
-adhocRouting $opt(RoutingProtocol) \
-llType $opt(ll) \
-macType $opt(mac) \
-ifqType $opt(ifq) \
-ifqLen $opt(ifqlen) \
-antType $opt(ant) \
-propType $opt(prop) \
-phyType $opt(netif) \
-channel $chan_1_ \
-topoInstance $topo \
-agentTrace ON \
-routerTrace ON \
-macTrace OFF \
-movementTrace ON \
-wiredRouting OFF
Agent/Null set sport_ 0
Agent/Null set dport_ 0
Agent/CBR set sport_ 0
Agent/CBR set dport_ 0
set opt(CBRperiod) [expr 8.0 * double($opt(CBRpsize)+20) / double($opt(CBRrate))]
$ns_ color 1 Blue
$ns_ color 2 Green
$ns_ color 3 Red
$ns_ color 4 Yellow
Agent/RTP_v2 set sport_ 0
Agent/RTP_v2 set dport_ 0
Agent/RTCP_v2 set sport_ 0
Agent/RTCP_v2 set dport_ 0
set rng [new RNG]
set opt(seed) 0.1
$rng seed $opt(seed)
for {set i 0} {$i < $opt(NumOfMN)} {incr i} {
set node_($i) [$ns_ node]
puts "Loading scenario file..."
set opt(sc) $escenario
source $opt(sc)
puts "Load complete..."
for {set i 0} {$i < $opt(NumOfMN)} {incr i} {
$node_($i) set RTPsource_ 0
$node_($i) set RTPdestination_ 0
set tmp 0.011
set start_tx_time 4
set selfs 0
for {set i 0} {$i < $NumofSources} {incr i} {
set n [expr {$i + 20}]
$node_($i) set RTPsource_ 1
$node_($n) set RTPdestination_ 1
$node_($i) set MMDSRfreq_ 14
# average speed of the nodes
$node_($i) set mu_ 5
puts "RTPsource $i"
puts "RTPdestination $n"
set trace_file_($i) [new MpegDataFile_v2]
$trace_file_($i) metafile /home/vico/ns2/adhoc/e/blade2.mdipbf4444
$trace_file_($i) datafile /home/vico/ns2/adhoc/e/blade.m2v
set rtp_($i) [new Agent/RTP_v2]
$ns_ attach-agent $node_($i) $rtp_($i)
$rtp_($i) set class_ 2
$rtp_($i) set seqno_ 0
$rtp_($i) set packetSize_ 1500
$rtp_($i) set multipath_ 3
$rtp_($i) set flow_id_ $i
$rtp_($i) set prio_ 0
$rtp_($i) set ptype_ 1
set rtcp_($n) [new Agent/RTCP_v2]
$ns_ attach-agent $node_($n) $rtcp_($n)
$rtcp_($n) set class_ 3
$rtcp_($n) set interval_ 1000ms
$rtcp_($n) set seqno_ 0
$rtcp_($n) set flow_id_ $n
set rtp_($n) [new Agent/RTP_v2]
$ns_ attach-agent $node_($n) $rtp_($n)
$rtp_($n) set class_ 2
$rtp_($n) set seqno_ 0
$rtp_($n) set packetSize_ 1500
$rtp_($n) set flow_id_ $n
# Variable for RTCP: 0-> not in use, 1-> in use
$rtp_($i) set rtcp_in_use_ 1
$ns_ connect $rtp_($i) $rtcp_($n)
$ns_ attach-agent $node_($n) $rtcp_($n)
set MPEG2_($i) [new Application/Traffic/Mpeg2Gen2]
$MPEG2_($i) attach-mpegdatasrc $trace_file_($i)
$MPEG2_($i) attach-agent $rtp_($i)
#0: without codification
#1: all data through the same path
#2: I+B path 1, P path 2
#3: Even I, P, B frames by path 1, odd B frames by path 2
#4: I / P / B, each one through a different path (Multipath of 3) */
$MPEG2_($i) set codification_ 4
$rtp_($i) set codification_ 4
set sinkmpeg_($n) [new Application/Mpeg2RX2]
$sinkmpeg_($n) attach-agent $rtcp_($n)
$sinkmpeg_($n) attach-agent $rtp_($n)
$sinkmpeg_($n) dumpfile "$i.multipath_video.m2v"
set self_($i) [new Session/RTP]
$rtcp_($n) session $self_($i)
$rtp_($i) session $self_($i)
$rtp_($n) session $self_($i)
set udp_($i) [new Agent/UDP]
$ns_ attach-agent $node_($i) $udp_($i)
set null_($n) [new Agent/LossMonitor]
$ns_ attach-agent $node_($n) $null_($n)
set cbr_($i) [new Application/Traffic/CBR]
$cbr_($i) set packetSize_ $opt(CBRpsize)
$cbr_($i) set interval_ $opt(CBRperiod)
$cbr_($i) set random_ 1
$udp_($i) set prio_ 3
$udp_($i) set ptype_ 2
$cbr_($i) set CBRrate $opt(CBRrate)
$cbr_($i) attach-agent $udp_($i)
$ns_ connect $udp_($i) $null_($n)
$udp_($i) set fid_ 4
$ns_ at $start_tx_time "$cbr_($i) start"
$ns_ at 4.0 "$cbr_($i) stop"
$ns_ at $start_tx_time "$MPEG2_($i) start"
$ns_ at $start_tx_time "$rtcp_($n) start"
incr start_tx_time
incr selfs
set udp_(1) [new Agent/UDP]
$ns_ attach-agent $node_(1) $udp_(1)
set null_(21) [new Agent/LossMonitor]
$ns_ attach-agent $node_(21) $null_(21)
set cbr_(1) [new Application/Traffic/CBR]
$cbr_(1) set packetSize_ $opt(CBRpsize)
$cbr_(1) set interval_ $opt(CBRperiod)
$cbr_(1) set random_ 1
$cbr_(1) set CBRrate $opt(CBRrate)
$cbr_(1) attach-agent $udp_(1)
$ns_ connect $udp_(1) $null_(21)
$udp_(1) set fid_ 4
$ns at 0.0 "$cbr_(1) start"
$ns at 4.0 "$cbr_(1) stop"
$ns_ at $opt(stop) {finish}
for {set i 0} {$i < $opt(NumOfMN)} {incr i} {
$ns_ initial_node_pos $node_($i) 15
proc finish {} {
global ns node_ null_ nn2 opt trace namtrace namtrace_s sinkmpeg
puts "Finishing ns at time [$ns_ now]."
$ns_ flush-trace
close $trace
exit 0
puts "Starting Simulation..."
puts "Numero de nodos:$num_nodes"
$ns_ run

knudfl 03-07-2013 03:44 AM

@ toancnttk7d : Welcome to LQ.

This thread is about "olsr" only.
Please use the 'Report' button to ask for your posts to be moved to a new thread.
Your subject seems to be RTP.

And : Code tags must be used for code. That's the # button in the 'Advanced Editor'.
Or type [/code] at code text end, and [code] at start.
I.e. please edit your posts to use 'code tags'.

There are some errors in your text. Almost looks like tcl code .. :)

toancnttk7d 03-07-2013 07:09 AM

Thanks knudfl. I know english is not good.I know english is not good. Please,you can move my post to the thread RTP. And before you know it and I have to pay to demo tomorrow. Look forward to receiving the help of admin and all you

toancnttk7d 03-07-2013 07:18 AM

If you know someone who can help, then go back and help me and if you can help,

knudfl 03-07-2013 07:40 AM

@ toancnttk7d

Please be patient and wait until your posts has been moved to a new thread.
( Has been reported for movement.)

In the meantime you can edit your post(s) to use 'code tags' :
Please hit the 'Edit' button.

And : Please delete your email address to avoid spam.
We already have "Send email to toancnttk7d" :

toancnttk7d 03-07-2013 08:02 AM

Thanks you. after you check and test run success Please you submit file code in the mail to help me

knudfl 03-07-2013 12:35 PM

The ( edited ? ) code in post #1 looks OK now.

Please test again.

knudfl 03-07-2013 12:36 PM

... Sorry, browser hick-up

toancnttk7d 03-07-2013 07:50 PM

Thanks knudfl, NS2 support for RTP ​​or should one install package. I do not understand "hick-up".

toancnttk7d 03-07-2013 07:54 PM

I've run this code and error message:
Pt_ ========== $0.23862763519999999
num_nodes is set 50
invalid command name "Agent/RTP_v2"
while executing
"Agent/RTP_v2 set sport_ 0"
(file "moi.tcl" line 89)

knudfl 03-08-2013 03:50 AM

1 Attachment(s)
# 10

invalid command name "Agent/RTP_v2"
Means : No RTP_v2 was compiled into 'ns' !

? The tcl file in #1 is "Multipath-MM-DSR+802.11e.tcl" :

To use the file as is, the following changes are required in ns-2.33/ :
1) RTP_v2 :
2) MPEG2 send/receive
? 4) ? MAC 802.11e from ?

So far I have got 1) and 2) installed into ns-2.27, which is the original tested version.
When everything works ( With the ns-2.27 mac 802.11 ),
I will then continue to ns-2.33 ...

Which Linux OS are you using ?

toancnttk7d 03-13-2013 08:49 AM

website: installation instructions RTP protocol in step 2 I do not understand in ns-allinone-2.35 folder with lot of file "" and did not specify the path to "". please help me
Thanks you.

knudfl 03-13-2013 10:16 AM

# 12 . The ns-2.xx/ : ns-allinone-2.xx/ns-2.xx/

And the rtp stuff (one line) is added like this,
above @V_STLOBJ@, line 337 ( in ns-2.35 ) :
<TAB>rtp_v2/rtp_v2.o rtp_v2/rtcp_v2.o \
Note: The invisible <TAB> is a must : Cannot be replaced with <space><space>...)

ns-allinone-2.xx overview : A) ns-2.xx + the four ns dependencies,
1) tcl 2) tk 3) otcl 4) tclcl.
B) The other 6 applications are optional : nam xgraph cweb dei80211mr gt-itm sgb
.. and have nothing to do with the ns build.
And will thus not stop the "install" if they fail to build.


srinivas_k 08-23-2016 07:06 AM

video streaming for qoe reference code
plz ...iam new to ns2 i need referece codes for video streaming for qoe implementation and if any one have pdf just send to my

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