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devans 09-18-2003 09:31 PM

Error Message on Mandrake 9.1 loading
I have installed Mandrake 9.1 successfully and did the reboot. It took forever to load and my screen was flashing back and forth with white boxes flashing on for just about a second. Then got to login and entered that info then startx. Screen came up with first time wizard, went through setting all that up while the graphics were showing in the background, then took forever again. Finally came up with window with this message "Could not start process Unable to creat io-slave: Too many open files". Does any one know what this means and how I can fix it? I have reinstalled 3 times thinking maybe i set something wrong such as the monitor setting but when I did the test on the graphic interface it came up fine. I'm about ready to give up on this whole Linux thing so any help is greatly appreciated. I don't know anything about Linux so please be gentle with any instructions.

devans 09-19-2003 06:31 AM

Could this have anything to do with the video card? If so how to I fix this problem?

lachlan 09-19-2003 06:47 AM

Try installing again,but accept the generic monitor settings which Mandrake selsects for you(you can change them later)and do not test the video selection.


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