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Alvin Voo 09-23-2006 06:19 AM

Error in installing Skim-1.4.4
I am a totally newbie in Linux and just installed it a couple days ago.
Wanted to type in Chinese and read about skim so decided to give it a try, but here is the problem. I have installed scim-1.4.4 and Qt 4.1.4 and after i run ./configure, everything was fine but when i tried to compile it by make or ./scons, here's what it gave me:
KeyError: 'SCIM_X11_LIBS':
File "SConstruct", line 163:
File "./bksys/", line 619:
lenv.SConscript(lenv.join(i, 'SConscript'))
File "/home/xoalvinox/skim-1.4.5/scons-local-0.96.1/SCons/Script/", line 311:
return apply(_SConscript, [self.fs,] + files, {'exports' : exports})
File "/home/xoalvinox/skim-1.4.5/scons-local-0.96.1/SCons/Script/", line 134:
exec _file_ in stack[-1].globals
File "src/SConscript", line 11:
srcenv.AppendUnique(LINKFLAGS = env['SCIM_X11_LIBS'])
File "/home/xoalvinox/skim-1.4.5/scons-local-0.96.1/SCons/", line 147:
return self._dict[key]
make: *** [all] Error 2
Is there something wrong with the scim libraries? Or do i need extra scim libraries for it to compile? Thanks.

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