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ezanten 03-08-2013 07:02 AM

Error Compiling OpenCV 2.4.4 Slackware 14.0
Hi Folks and Slackers,

I got a problem compiling OpenCV 2.4.4 from the SlackBuilds site.

After 94% of compiling i got the following error:

cd /tmp/SBo/OpenCV-2.4.4/build/modules/java/test/.build && /usr/bin/ant build
Buildfile: /tmp/SBo/OpenCV-2.4.4/build/modules/java/test/.build/build.xml


[mkdir] Created dir: /tmp/SBo/OpenCV-2.4.4/build/modules/java/test/.build/build/classes
[javac] Compiling 104 source files to /tmp/SBo/OpenCV-2.4.4/build/modules/java/test/.build/build/classes

/tmp/SBo/OpenCV-2.4.4/build/modules/java/test/.build/build.xml:55: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/tmp/SBo/OpenCV-2.4.4/build/modules/java/test/.build/build.xml:19: /tmp/SBo/OpenCV-2.4.4/build/modules/java/test/.build/lib does not exist.

it seems that /tmp/SBo/OpenCV-2.4.4/build/modules/java/test/.build/lib does not exist. So i made the lib directory manualy, but still no succes.

Can anyone maybe help me out, i'm really stuck on this!!


ezanten alias EddySlacky

Ztcoracat 03-30-2013 11:53 PM


Sorry your build didn't work.
Had it been me I would of done much the same as you by making the lib manually.
I don't understand why that didn't work.

Maybe another member can advise you. I don't know what else to suggest; sorry.

Maybe these other 2 repos to get OpenCV 2.4.4 would be helpful?

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