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C-Lo 05-19-2002 07:38 PM

Trying to install e enlightenment-0.16.5-1.i386.rpm...keep getting error that it needs and fnlib-0.5. So I go to their website and found the fnlib-0.5 but not the I go on and try to install "E" anyway. So the new error is "./enlightenment: error while loading shared libraries: cannot load shared object file: No such file or directory"

Anyone knows where I can find this :cry:


trickykid 05-19-2002 07:41 PM turned up many sites referring to this.. but the top one was at

C-Lo 05-19-2002 08:39 PM

"That was fscking awesome!" I hope these will work...I am on my crappy XP machine at the moment..LOL

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