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cyent 01-27-2008 02:37 AM

Encrypted Distributed Version Controlled ~home on a usb pen drive.
Hokay, so I want the moon, but I commute between my home PC and my work PC and an arbitary colleagues Linux Ubuntu PC, but I hate losing my ~/.firefox and ~/.emacs and my ~/.ssh and ~/mainline_code_checkout and my ~/.addressbook and my ~/.sig* collection/.

The obvious thing would be to shove it all on a pen drive... but my passwords and ssh keys are in that list and I work on my colleagues machines. (Not that I don't trust 'em, its just that I'm also holding their trust. ie. I hold ssh keys into their machines as well...)

I have just bought a 1Gb Usb pen drive.

So what to do now?

I want to partition it into "can be seen & used immediately I plug in" partition...

And a on command & password "sync work related confidential items " encrypted partition.

And a on command & other password, "sync personal data" encrypted partition.

Before I go scripting away my self...

Any suggestions for packages that do, or partially do this sort of thing already?

Although we use, behind a firewall, CVS & Subversion at work, I'm thinking for this class of problem a distributed version control system might be better.

Any suggestions?

Any suggestions for a distributed VCS that can coexist peacable with CVS & Subversion in managing the same files?

Hmm. Probably could hack something with .cvsignore files and the like, just wondering if it's a standard feature on any of them.

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