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$@ya 06-02-2005 08:38 AM

I have SUSE 9.2 distribution and i have BeOS 5.0 professional on my desktop. I want to use an emulator so that i can go back and forth in these operating systems. Any suggestions are welcome if any of you have already done this or know how to do this


trickykid 06-02-2005 09:09 AM

VMware is what your probably looking for.. but unsure if Vmware is supported under BeOS.

Kdr Kane 06-02-2005 10:46 AM

You could try Qemu.

It'd be interesting to see if it really works.

$@ya 06-02-2005 11:25 AM

VMware doesnot support BeOS and has plans to support in future.

Qemu, I did try to search for it and seems like a good emulator and they do support BeOS according to there website.
I will try qemu and post my trails and results.

Hope it works.


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