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kbajwa-linuxquestion 06-06-2008 09:01 PM

email data mining?
Is there a FREE software for email mining. Before you all get upset, let me explain. I am a graduate student working o my final thesis. I want to look into an email data mining software and see how its works. I want to run it and see how the output looks like. I want to see if it picks up several of my email addresses!!

The mining software put the results in some kind of data file, such as mySQL, EXEL, etc.

I looking for a GUI type of software package which must be free and easy to setup.

Any suggestions!!

unSpawn 06-07-2008 06:45 AM

So you have searched for it. And you know people might object to you asking for that kind of software. That's good, since really only harvesters ask for such software. And only saying you're writing a thesis isn't any proof of your motives. Fortunately for you, if your only objective is to test your own site, you don't need that software to see how it works. Just write a oneliner using 'wget' to grab content and pipe through egrep ( If you have other objectives then by all means just say so.

archtoad6 06-07-2008 11:19 AM

At last an e-address regex that DOES recognize "+" addressing. (rick+sort_code@myISP.dom)

jlinkels 06-07-2008 09:17 PM

Often spammers are not looking for free software really. They use what is available. They are after money, not a certain belief in an OS or cummnity software and they don't care to pay either. Quality doesn't count, only fast cash.

This guy might be genuine after all. :scratch:


unSpawn 06-10-2008 05:46 AM


Originally Posted by jlinkels (Post 3177953)
This guy might be genuine after all.

I am not saying he isn't or that his request isn't legitimate. That's why I added the nfo to get him started on a small scale while awaiting further replies.

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