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otoomet 11-01-2004 06:33 AM

emacs 21.3 and iso-8859-15 locale

I recently discovered that my emacs 21.3 behaves kind of strange if used with et_EE.iso8859-15 locale (on debian/sarge). Namely, when inputting accented letters, they appear much smaller than other text. However, this does not apply to the accented letters which are in the file from before, they look normal.

I can check by C-x = that newly typed accented letters have a different code in the buffer, than those from before, so I cannot e.g. search for the original ones either. After saving (iso-8859-1 encoding), they are normal again.

I have tried different input methods. Some of those work (e.g. latin-1-prefix), but not latin-9 (which should correspond to iso-8859-15). Is it possible to input accented symbols directly from keyboard.

Does anyone know if it is a problem with my emacs setup, my locale, or something else?

Thanks in advance,


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