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philosophe 03-29-2005 11:52 AM

elapsed time formula for open office calc
I'm trying to set up a timesheet in an OO spreadsheet. I enter starting
time in c1 and ending time in c2 (formated as time of day). When I enter
the formula =c2-c1 I don't get elapsed time but a different time of the
day. I don't find any formula in the OO help that gives elapsed time in
hours and minutes.

I suppose I could jury-rig a formula, but is there an easier way to do this?

mozetti 03-30-2005 06:32 AM

Just starting to use OO myself, but I can talk about what to do in Excel - probably the same:

The cell with the =c2-c1 will adopt the number format of c1&c2, i.e. the time format. Change to number format for the cell containing =c2-c1 to be a general number and not a time format.

Hope that works with OO!

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