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qanopus 12-28-2002 08:04 AM

editing two files in vim
Hi, I want to edit to files at the same time using vim.
First I opend one file "es.cpp". Then, at the vim prompt I did "sn es.h" which split my window and I could edit es.h in the frame above es.cpp.
Now my question is, how do I edit es.cpp without closing es.h. That is, how to I switch frames.
I hope i'm being clear. I did "man vim" but it didn't give me an awnser. I did "vimtutor" but did'nt get any wiser there. At the vim prompt I gave the command "sn" and "sN", but it kept saying there was only one file to edit.
I would like some help please.

unSpawn 12-28-2002 08:43 AM

CTL+W CTL+R, or inside vim/gvim type ":help window-moving".

qanopus 12-28-2002 09:56 AM


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