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cratos 08-11-2006 06:47 PM

Edit KDE Context Menu
Does anyone know what the secret is to editing the konqueror context menu. No, I'm not talking about adding something to the Actions submenu of the context menu. Im talking about actually removing the 'Preview in Kaffeine' and other such things that I dont use and replacing them with my own creations. These context menus dont seem to follow the same rules as the other kde settings as I cant find a settings file for them anywhere.


archtoad6 08-22-2006 06:03 PM

IF, & that's a big if, these are in text files somewhere, they should be findable by a recursive grep for an appropriate text string on an appropriate directory. I suspect they are not defined in text files either locally or globally because I got no results for either of the following:

$ grep -Ri 'opy text' ~/.kde/* |less -SN

# (as root)
# grep -Ri 'opy text' /var/lib/* |less -SN

'opy text' is from "Copy text" & chosen to avoid any underlining signal.

I fear these things are in the source, do you have reason to hope otherwise?

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