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flebber 07-29-2006 04:37 AM

DvDstyler Menu's

For some reason I cannot get the bleeding obvious to happen when creating a menu setup in DVDstyler.

For example: Say I have 4 bands and each band has 3 clips. I want to have a main menu which will have five titles the names ie band1,band2,band3,band4,Play All. Where each band entry takes me to a menu where there songs are listed and a play all from this band option is available.

My issue I can create he menus and link them to the submenu's but I cannot get a play all option to work from the front menu to 'play all' clips from all bands, and I cannot get the 'play all band' menu option to work in the band submenu.

This seems like it should be incredibly simple but I can't figure it out. :confused:

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