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Moebius 07-25-2004 05:46 AM

DVD - regenerate .ifo files from .vobs?
Is there any way to regenerate the .ifo and .bup files from just the .vob files of a DVD? Every player and DVD ripping program I've tried on both linux and windows crashes or gives some sort of error and dvdrip says there is an error with the .ifo files. So I tried removing the .ifo and .bup files and just dragging the .vobs into WinDVD 4 and they played fine. But that means I can't use the menu or select language/subtitles and I have to load each .vob manually. So is there any way to regenerate the .ifo files or somehow fix the non-working ones?


Moebius 08-01-2004 06:48 AM


I thought I should clarify something here - It's not that all DVD's do this, it is a paticular DVD that I'm having problems with and that I want to regenerate the ifo files for. Any suggestions?


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