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memnoch 08-21-2001 07:01 AM

dualhead with matrox MGA 400
Hallo Linux Friends, :Pengy:

I'm coming up to you with a new problem which I tried to solve for long but didn't yet come up with an answer. Maybe you could help me.

It's about running a dualhead configuration under X with a matrox G400 gaphics card. I want two displays of which one is a beamer and the other a flatscreen to display exactly the same.

:confused: This sounds to be easily realizable, and I actually succeeded in letting both displays show almost the same.
But the problem is that one of them doesn't show the mouse cursor.
Another problem is with DVD playback which is as well only visible on one of the two screens.
If you like, have a look at my XF86Config-4 file here.

Any ideas how to get really identical output on both screens?

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