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fr0ggeh 07-23-2003 11:45 PM

dual booting win2kpro and SuSE 8.2 pro
i'm really new to dual booting, and i need to duel boot win2k pro and suse 8.2 pro off separate hard drives. i'm not sure if i should hook the windows hard drive up as master or slave, or if i need to mess with jumpers. i also don't know exactly what a "boot loader" does, or which one i need. i've heard LILO was good, but i'm still unsure. please help.

cliff notes:

1. need to dual boot
2 .win2k pro and suse 8.2
3. two separate drives, a 40 gig and a 17 gig.
4. not sure how


win32sux 07-24-2003 02:29 AM

you can install linux or windows on your disk of choice... they are both valid...

of course you will need to set the jumpers correctly first... check the info on the hard drive itself, they usually have diagrams explaining... or check the manufacturer's website... the "master" goes on the middle connector of the ide cable.. the "slave" will be the one on the end...

lilo and grub are both excellent... personally i prefer lilo...

you should probably install windows first and then linux and the bootloader but technically you can do it in any order you wish... you can even re-install the bootloader later in case a windows install replaces it with a windows boot sector... i don't think win2k does that, but i think winxp does, for example... it all depends...

during a typical linux install, you'll get to choose which bootloader you want, and where to put it... usually people like to install it on the master boot record of the primary master disk, but you have choices...

you'll usually also get to set which operating system gets booted by default (after a few seconds of no keyboard activity), and some other cool stuff... you can change all the settings (and many more) later by editing the "conf" files for your loader, or using a gui wizard or something on your desktop environment... (usually the configuration you set during the distro install should be enough)

the most basic function the boot loader gives you is the ability to select at startup which os you want to boot... of course the os doesn't necessarilly have to be on a hard drive in your computer, it could be accross a network in a foreign country, but that's another story...

good luck!

aherm 07-24-2003 10:51 PM

Try this easy way:
1. Install windows on the master harddrive = hda.
2. Install linux on the slave harddrive = hdb.
3. Install boot loader on master MBR = hda.
SuSE 8.2 will make that easier.

The boot loader e.g. GRUB will allow you to chose e.g. booting linux or windows.

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