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DOTT.EVARISTI 05-10-2007 06:14 AM

Dual booting Vista and Linux on notebook ? which distro do you suggest me ?
hi to everyone !

in my desktop following aus9's and pixellany's suggestions now i happily dual boot win xp and kubuntu 7.04 without i wish i could install linux in my notebook too which came with vista's a philips with intel centrino 5200 core 2duo with 2 gb ram and intel 950 integrated video card...which distro do you suggest me?
i thought to install the last version of mepis,good and rich kde with synaptic manager,tried it live..what do you think?
has anyone experienced problems in dual booting vista and linux?

if so,with which distro ?it looks not having hardware recpgnition problems with my notebook..

if there should be booting problems how should i do to have vista boot back?

would it be correct to put win xp cd in drive and do fixmbr from recovery console?the notebook came with vista prer-installed and so i don't have vista cd..
anyway i think i'll do an acronis backup image before installing linux for avoiding problems..

please answer me,i'm going to start loving linux world and i'm !

thank you !

theYinYeti 05-10-2007 06:45 AM

I haven't used/seen Vista so far. However, I use Mandriva 2007.1 (aka "Spring") on my PC, which is quite similar to yours:
- Core2Duo 4300
- Intel 950
- 2GB RAM dual-channel.


UhhMaybe 06-20-2007 05:21 PM this is option A) This is option B)

DOTT.EVARISTI 07-03-2007 10:00 AM

my actual own experience on this notebook
Thank you very much..i installed mandriva spring 2007 and ran perfrectly but the wireless was not recognized in native mode,also nsdiwapper sometimes had problems in loading the win formatted and installed sabayon 3.26,works perfectly with wireless native support too without problems..and it rocks !

the notebook is centrino core 2 duo 5200,2 gb ram,intel 945 gm integrated video,hd 120 gb,15'1 widescreen

that's all !

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