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CrYpTiC N1Nj4 09-15-2004 11:57 AM

Dual Booting SuSe 9.1 and WIN XP?
Well I have two hard drives, the first being a 60gb hard drive, and the second being a 40gb hard drive...

I have just SuSe 9.1 Installed on the 60gb hard drive... There are a few game's id like to play that cedega does not support and some games to come that it wont support right away...

I was wondering if its possible to add windows xp home edition to that second 40gb hard drive without erasing my suse linux install and have a dual boot setup.. Everytime I dual boot with windows xp it always messes up at the boot loader so help getting it dual booted would be nice...

Thanks in advance,

-- Paul

spariggio82 09-15-2004 02:02 PM

I think it's possible but difficult because you have to use only one hd MBR (choose which ) where you put the bootloader.
You should try to use an external bootloader like xosl but I don't know where you can find it.

However all that I've said here is only a theoretical hypothesis.

Good luck

CrYpTiC N1Nj4 09-15-2004 03:33 PM

How does an external Boot loader work if you know and any other ideas?

Thanks in advance,

-- Paul

spariggio82 09-16-2004 02:15 AM

When my LiLo or Grub totally crash I load in my Master Boot Record ( I have only 1 hd ) another bootloader or bootmanager ( call it as you want ) that I use to locate my Operative Systems and let them start. I have to tell him where they are placed and what OS I want to run.

I think that something similar is possible in your case.


Remember : when you install windows ( whatever version ) in your PC It overwrite your MBR with its bootloader and this cause you cannot boot Linux. To bring back things how them have to be you must enter in Linux ( using a bootdisk ) and then put again LiLo for example.

CrYpTiC N1Nj4 09-16-2004 11:36 AM

Well when I had windows Xp and I try dual booting it always gives me errors and wont boot into anything.. Im willing to reformat if you know how I could go about this and working.. I can dualboot on one hard drive and use the other harddrive for storage... doesnt matter.. do you know a way i could do this at all?

-- CrYpTiC

mikedeatworld 09-16-2004 12:09 PM

For dual booting, its eastiest to always install Windows first than your Linux OS.

This may give you some direction:


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