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harry_80 12-22-2005 10:25 AM

Dual boot RHEL
hi there,

can anyone help me how to install redhat enterprise server 4 on top of my Windows XP. I just have one partition as C: on which my XP resides and my hard disk is 30 Gb in size.
i'm new 2 redhat so please help me out..

thanks in advance..


linux student.

Lenard 12-23-2005 07:25 AM

Step one, you need to provide space to install Linux. Shrink your Windows XP down by say 8 to 10-Gb. Leave the space blank and un-formatted and let Linux create and format the partitions needed.

A nice free (as in beer) tool to do this can be found by googling for SystemRescueCD, it is a good idea to get this ISO even if you do not use Linux. It's got a nice Windows password recovery tool as part of the image plus some other useful tools.

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