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demitasse 12-14-2003 08:53 AM

drip (dvd rip) divx encoding problem
Does anyone know anything about the codecs used by drip?

I can't seem to get drip to encode cached .vob files on the hdd. (I'm trying to encode to DivX 5.0)

When configuring 'avifile' i get 'xvid enabled = no' message, but other codecs are all present (eg. divx4 win32 codecs).
(Tried installing xvid codecs RPMs and xvidcore source, but 'avifile' still doesn't pick up the codec, everything seems to be in standard locations too)

I managed to compile everything (wihout xvid), but now i don't seem to be able to get drip encoding vobs.

Anybody know how to fix this?
(or can i supply more detailed info, like logs)?

demitasse 12-14-2003 11:58 AM

Thx for all the help from the community!

As i have never received a single reply to any of my posts on this forum, i will be looking for a new linux forum soon!

See you all!


vivekiyer 12-15-2003 08:25 AM

Hi Daniel
Well I think what you need to use is libavcodec. Try choosing that and you will be able to encode into MPEG 4 format that will play on DivX on Windows. Lemme know if this helped.

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