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namit 12-05-2005 06:56 PM

I have setup Dovecot just from standard setup

but not i have made new user under /home/web/bob
and now i can not access imap thew outlook

but i have another user namit that can with exact same setup
exact where how directory is /home/namit

Can anyone help?

Brian1 12-05-2005 07:53 PM

Standard dovecot looks for users mail in /home/username and or /var/mail. All depends on distro and settings. Try creating user as /home/bob and see if that works.


namit 12-05-2005 07:58 PM

how do i set 2 or 3 of them?

Brian1 12-06-2005 06:46 PM

From it says you can define per-user mail location. It does not really say how-to. Contact the devolpers of dovecot. They should more than like be able to help you.


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