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shmude 07-13-2004 08:34 PM

Does this work? dual monitors, same card
Currently my main desktop is running winXP with a GeForce FX 5700 Ultra with dual Flat pannel monitors (both connected to the same card) It runs great under XP but i really want to get away from microsoft and start using linux more. Im not really worried about the rest of hardware in the computer because knoppix seems to run fine with it. I HAVE to have dual monitors and dont want to shell out the money for a separate vid card. Will the Nvidia drivers for Linux support dual monitors on the same card? And if they do, can i get some links to point me in the right direction on the setup. I'll prob end up using Fedora, maybe Slackware.


jschiwal 07-13-2004 09:28 PM

The nvidia driver installation includes a large readme file with the informaiton you need.

I don't remember the location but typing 'find /usr/ -iname "nvi*" ' should find it.

shmude 07-13-2004 11:08 PM

Thanks! you can view the README on and it is in Appendix R for thoes who are looking for the same thing.

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