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DragonM15 01-08-2009 02:31 AM

distcc ERROR: compile dir.c on <server ip> failed
In case you couldnt tell by my subject, I am playing around with distcc/d because I have an old Pentium processor that I dont feel like waiting the next 5 years to compile a new kernel for, and ran across distcc.

My 2 computers at (Quad Core AMD Phenom 9550) and (Old computer that I use as a home server... aka.. old and slow)

Things I did in my attempts:
Set my DISTCC_HOSTS environment variable on my old computer: DISTCC_HOSTS=""

Started the distccd daemon on my Quad-Core: distccd --allow -j 200 --daemon

I verified that the daemon was indeed running on my Quad-Core via: ps -ax, and nmap localhost (port 3632)

After this, on my old computer I ran the command:
make -j6 CC=distcc

It appears to work find for about 10 seconds... On my quad core I get about 20 distccd processes going, and then my old machine gives the error:

distcc[9157] ERROR: compile dir.c on failed

Any ideas? Did I miss a step?


DragonM15 01-08-2009 03:24 PM

I am just not 100% sure what to do from here. I have done everything that I saw on multiple websites, and this is where I end up. Again I have never used distcc/d before, but it looks to be a great idea. By the way, one computer is running slackware 11, and the other is running slackware 12.2, but distcc is the same version (2.18.3). However, a though just occured to me, and i think im going to feel stupid because of it.

Does gcc have to be of the same version? my slackware 11 install is running gcc 3.3.6, and my slackware 12.2 is running 4.2.3. Could this be the problem?


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