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phduval 12-05-2010 10:43 PM

Displaying Flash content on extended desktop

I'm looking into configuring my PC by extending the desktop to 2 LCD monitors (3 displays would be best), and would like to be able to play Flash content on those 2 monitors (or on 2 of the 3 monitors), at specific locations.

For example, if I extend a 1600 x 900 desktop to a 4800 x 900 desktop (ideal 3-monitor configuration), I'd like to keep the first 1600 x 900 for administrative use (so, for instance, when the PC boots up, it shows on that portion of the desktop only), and play, in "presentation mode", 2 Flash content files on each of the two remaining 1600 x 900 portions of the extended desktop.

Any idea? Any known software that I could use?

I've been using Kubuntu for several years, and was wondering if Kubuntu would be the best distro to do this in. Any suggestions on that front?

Many thanks.

Snark1994 12-06-2010 10:38 AM

Couldn't you do that as default with a multi-head graphics card? Put all your widgets/panels on the first, "administration" monitor, then anything you open up on that can be moved to the other two, so you would only need to open the flash content and move it to the desired monitor...

phduval 12-08-2010 12:27 PM

Thanks for your post Snark1994.

I will be using a multi-head graphics card, but more specifically, I need to make sure that when I turn the PC on, the two Flash files are always played at their respective locations of the extended desktop configuration. Is there a way to force that to happen with a command line instruction that would include, for example, the starting and ending location of the displayed section (i.e. 1601 x 900 to 3200 x 900, and 3201 x 900 to 4800 x 900)?

Thanks for your help.

Snark1994 12-09-2010 10:25 AM

I think you might be looking for wmctrl - if supports a wide range of window managers, and you can resize/move windows based on their title :) you would then use

mplayer /path/to/file; wmctrl -c ombination -of options
Hope this helps

phduval 12-10-2010 09:20 AM

WMCTRL looks promising. Thanks for your recommendation.

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