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vijaykiran 05-27-2004 12:07 PM

Disk partitioning using Redhat question
Hello all,

I have two hard drives - 40GB (NTFS) and 160GB (FAT32) on my PC. I am planning on installing Redhat 9.0 on the 160GB drive. However, I would like to use only 30GB of space for linux installation. When I try to partition the 160GB drive using partition magic 8.0 on windows, I get some weird error saying that "EZ drive is installed on your computer, but is corrupt blaw blaw". So, I am not able to partition the drive on windows. So, my next option to partition the drive could be to do it while installing Rehat 9.0.

I already have some important data worth 25GB on the 160GB drive. Is it possible to partition the drive into two parts - 130GB + 30GB while installing Redhat 9.0? If so, how?

Thanks a ton for your time,

Frank_Drebin 05-27-2004 12:23 PM

My guess would be that EZDrive is on a Maxtor Harddrive. You should be able to uninstall EZdrive. Is it in the program manager of Windows?

if not, you can use the Redhat partitioner but you do risk losing your data. I know that Mandrake has a great partitioner that resizes windoes partitions without data corruption but am not sure if Redhat will.

Can you backup the data to your 60g drive just in case?

vijaykiran 05-27-2004 12:58 PM

Thanks very much Frank. I figured that EZ drive is a utility of western digital and not that of maxtor. Maxtor has some other software called "maxblast" that probably partition magic is referring to. I am not
very sure but uninstalling "maxblast" could result in data loss. However, I have installed a controller card (maxtor SATA PCI card) to which I connected the 160GB hard drive to. That should actually
allow me to uninstall maxblast, but as I said I am fearing data loss.

I will try to back up data on to another disk and then uninstall maxblast. I will then use partition magic to partition the disk. I will see if that could work for me, and then get back to you with questions.

If you or any one knew for sure if uninstalling maxblast will not pose me problems, please do let me know. I am in need of a little push.


vijaykiran 05-29-2004 05:46 PM


I backed up all data from 160GB on to the primary hard drive (40GB) and tried to install linux. Linux doesnt even seem to recognize the 160GB hard drive at all. However, it recognizes my primary hard drive.

This 160GB hard drive is connected to SATA maxtor pci card.

Any ideas on how to resolve it ?


Frank_Drebin 05-31-2004 09:08 PM

This thread should help

SATA requires a kernel that has been compiled for sata.

Good luck

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