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drdale 08-10-2007 09:38 AM

disappearing samba ports
I have new install of Debian, primarily "testing" with some "stable". The kernel is 2.6.21-2. I am having problems with a Samba (3.0.25b-1+b1, 3.0.25b-1) install. smb.conf is from a template I have used several times previously with no problems. From Windows Explorer, the shares will be slow to appear, with folders and files in the right pane appearing and disappearing. After some time, the shares will become completely inaccessible. In an attempt to correct, I restarted both Samba processes, which did not help.

The log files give messages suggesting firewall problems, but there is no firewall. NMAP showed both samba ports closed, but open again after a reboot. A restart of Samba causes the ports to close again leading to the error messages mentioned previously.

Samba is set up as a standalone server in a workgroup with security = user, passdb backend = tdbsam.

Changes to the system since the initial Samba install are the latest hplip (2.7.7) from sourceforge and an iptables update from Debian.

I cannot determine if the problem is from Samba, such as tdb corruption, or something else in the system. I would think that ports should not spontaneously close.

Lastly, the smb.conf and exact error messages are at home, and I am not.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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