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Windows-User 01-22-2016 03:51 PM

Dificulty Installing video driver
Hi everyone and thank you for assisting me:

It's my second day at Linux or whatever I should call BackTrack. I must say I always though Linux as a hacker/professional oriented OS but never gave a try until last day. As you probably guess, I'm having some serious problems as a Windows user. My main issue is getting to work my onboard gpu. This is what I have done so far:

. Messing everything up
. Got Nvidia Package for my legacy GPU (a .run file)
. Managed to start its installation (learn how to use comm... "Terminal" a bit
. Closed X server ( guess that's the way you call OS interface)
. Wait a second... I closed X server before doing install

So it was working until Nvidia installer claims something about "not precompiled kernel" . Searched in Nvidia's FTP but found nothing so it failed

. Googled what "compiling" a kernel means.
. Compiled Kernel (system said Kernel was "ready" )
. Start installing. Failed anyway.
. "Updated" ... something. Repository (?

I dont even know how apt-get works but look like you Linux users have a place where programs are "always available" through a web server and accesible through command... shit... through Terminal. Is that what you call repository? Kinda ftp ?
Whatever. Seems that BackTrack repository is no longer available. I get many "fetching" messages. You probably now wonder how I updated repositories then. Well I googled and copy&paste ever single command I found.

Well, back to my driver. Stuck. How should I proceed now?
Can I "change" my kernel to another Linux distribution one? One with available repositories. Maybe that could work but I dont wanna make my system unusable. At least not till I now how to recover it >.<

I'm new to this world but it's exciting. My very first computer came with Linux or Xandros. 2 days later it got XP.

BTW my keyboard is so lagging after back from a suspended state. It works fine after a clean reboot. And I think yesterday it fixed itself after I went a few hours.

So my BT version is 5r3 x86 . Onboad gpu is nforce 630a/720 . Terminal said something about nouveau ?
Other question. How in the hell you install a packed file?

Thank you all! In advance

John VV 01-23-2016 01:06 PM

please DO NOT double post

see your OTHER post

on bt5

you do not

Backtrack is old and unsupported and was REPLACED YEARS AGO

bt5 was based on the now long unsupported ubuntu 10

do not use !!

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