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sk8ercool2001 10-23-2003 01:31 PM

dga is not working
Hi ,
I am really pissed of at X not enabling dga (so I can use VMWare in fullscreen mode) for me on my cheap intel 810 graphics card. I hav searched the forums and done the following things:
1. checkd the XConfig file and did not see any line or subsection for module extmod which talks about omiting the dga option

2. run the dga program which comes with redhat9, which is supposed to change colors if dga is enabled. It does not change any colors (well maybe after pressing a lot of keys maybe to grey and then back to black again). On pressing q, which is supposed to exit the damn thing, it does not return to X, thus making me restart my computer

3. I have instaleld the script and that did not mention anything about the full screeen mode too (it was not supposed to but then i Saw soem posts about it)

4. looked to load the extmod myself (instead of dynamic loading line mentioned in the X config file) but says module extmod not found.

Well can someone please help into understanding if dga is even supported (direct draw woks on windows partition so i am thinking ofcourse my hardware supports it). It might be the drivers (dont know how to change drivers in linux and will be my last last resort). If it is X can some X genious please step foward to help.


mcleodnine 10-26-2003 09:38 PM

[i] closed - Wrong forum + dbl post.

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