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Panicked 06-17-2017 04:18 PM

Dependency not found: opts
This is a problem managing npm package dependencies?

> node app.js
Error: Dependency not found: opts
at Injector.resolve (bogart-injector/lib/injector.js)

> npm list
opts@1.2.6 extraneous
npm ERR! extraneous opts@1.2.6 home/_/node_modules/opts

Apparently an extraneous error means surplus to requirements. Not sure why being a surplus should be an error and not a warning? The reason the dependency is surplus to requirements is because the authors of bogart have not added 'opts' to their project dependencies - and checking their source, they do not make any calls to 'opts'!

One confusion is: how and why is Node unable to find the package it claims is installed? Another confusion is: why is Node making a dependency of something that is not called?

Edit: Executed the bogart tests from github and encountered the same error, so maybe bogart only works with old versions of Node? :(

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