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Nicolice 07-15-2009 10:37 AM

Deluge helps?
Hello... I'm just started using deluge although I've been sometime using transmission as my torrent client.
I've some problem regarding deluge tho, like.

- I've tried the scripts for running deluged as service and starts on boot from the thread, but failed...with lots of "file/directory not found" errors.
- Sometime when I run deluged, and when I'm going to the deluge -u console...type some will gives me "The core proxy is invalid." to solves this?

I'm not physically in front of my computer, so I ssh a lot to my computer at home, and mostly via cli or webui. Because right now I've to manually starts deluged and type deluge -u web via ssh in order to view my torrents on my internet browser.

So is it possible to set my computer to 24/7 dling the torrent without requiring me to ssh to my computer and manually starts deluged everytime? Since I might forget about it when I restarts my computer.
My computer running fedora 11 as the OS.

Thank you!

unSpawn 07-17-2009 05:55 AM

If this is related to then I'd handle one problem at a time fixing that one first. You can also ask the moderator of this forum (see the report button in your post) to merge this and that thread if these issues are related (posting duplicate threads is not allowed).

Nicolice 07-18-2009 08:35 PM

Oh I'm that time there's Database Error in LQ, and my thread was kinda missing earlier. Thanks.

Althought I read somewhere about the core proxy error, and need to delete the deluge folder inside the ~/.config everytime I got it...and it's kinda annoying sometime.

Right now I wanted to get deluge's daemon get started during boot up...and also the webui so I don't have to ssh and type deluge -u web everytime I wanted to access my torrent downloads, since I'm not always physically on my computer.

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