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mustang05 05-20-2004 09:02 PM

Deleting Java 1.4.2 from Red Hat 8
I am trying to to install Java 1_4_1 onto my system, but Java 1_4_2 was already installed into the system. I removed the directory in usr/lib directory , but everytime I try to install 1_4_1 I get a message saying"a newer version of j2re exists". Do I have to re-install RH8?

h/w 05-20-2004 10:22 PM

no, you certainly should not have to re-install rh8.
if you dont want to waste time finding the 1.4.2 on your system, download the source jdk1.4.1 to anyplace on your machine and point your $PATH to the bin folder in it.
then you can go hunting for the 1.4.2's that you dont want.

p.s: what would be the reason you want 1.4.1 and not 1.4.2? just curious.

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