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dcroxton 08-05-2017 10:39 PM

Deja-Dup doesn't run as scheduled, trying to run duplicity manually
I've been using deja-dup for a while. It works as long as I run it manually, but it never runs as scheduled. Right now it says "Next backup is today. A backup automatically starts every day," but the last backup was 13 days ago.

First question: does anybody have any idea how to make it work??

Assuming the answer to that is no, I've given up on getting it to run as scheduled, and I figured I would just run duplicity at the command line and schedule a cron job. Unfortunately, when I try to do an incremental backup with duplicity, I get:


Fatal Error: Unable to start incremental backup.  Old signatures not found and incremental specified.
I figure those old signatures must exist somewhere, but evidently not in my home directory, and I don't know where to find them.

I could just do a completely fresh duplicity backup, I'm just wondering if anyone knows where deja-dup keeps the signature files. Also wondering if it keeps the include & exclude lists anywhere that I can actually get to, because my exclude list is quite long and I'd rather not have to retype everything. I found some config files but not those lists.

ShadowCat8 08-07-2017 10:11 PM


Well, I can say that the location of the signatures should be with the backup files.

$ ls /mnt/dejadup/
Display all 2688 possibilities? (y or n)

Now for the configurations, I would check if your list has been broken up into one of the XML files that it puts under "$HOME/.gconf/org/gnome/deja-dup/". From doing a quick look at those files, I would bet that it would break out each exclusion to it's own XML entry in one of the files under that directory.

HTH. Let us know.

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