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Evilone 01-06-2004 03:34 AM

Decent ftp prog for kde

I'm looking for a good ftp client for kde. Somthing that rivals Flashpeak's Blazeftp. I want to be able to select multiple folders, and add them to a queue. Most i've seen only allow you to select single folders, or files only.

I'm using kbearftp at the moment, but it's a pain in the arse, and i have windows all over the place that seem to default to small size whenever i open the program from scratch.

A prog that minimizes to the tray would be nice too, but not essential.



poison 01-06-2004 04:03 AM

konqueror ^^
Kbear (
SkateFTP (lost link ^^, but is worth searching it)
Wxftp/AxyFTP (
IglooFTP ( (was freeware, don't know if it still is)



SykoMachine 01-06-2004 07:46 AM

pure-FTPd i think it is

Evilone 01-06-2004 03:37 PM

Thanks poison, will take a looksee.

And as for the pro-ftpd.... READ THE POST !!!! i wanted a client, not a server.
And from a non noob too !!! Shocking.

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