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dj_dubbbz 03-27-2005 08:07 PM

Debian(or other) Media Player With Library
I am going to try to replace the cdplayer at my church with a pc running Linux. I'm Trying to install Debian via a Knoppix CD on an older (P1) machine. I am currently using an older version of Knoppix(3.3).

I need to be able to rip cd's and have a media library. I would also need drag and drop playlist editing. Crossfading, and Cd-Burning would also be a great features. One player I've found that can do this is WM10, but I'm trying to avoid Win****.

I have no modem support on that pc, so I can't use "apt get" .

I tried to use Amarok, but I couldn't get it configured because I didn't (and couldn't get) some of the packages required to run it. If anybody knows of another distro that Amarok runs (and installs) well on, let me kno. I've tried using JuK, but couldn't get it to work right either. If there are plugins for XMMS that will give me the features needed, I could try that. I'm also open to any distro that has a media player such as the one i'm looking for.

I know that is a lot of questions and requirements, but I'm open to anything that has the features needed.

-Thanks in advance
Dj Dubbbz

scuzzman 03-29-2005 06:15 AM

You'll need a distrobution with a lot of content on the CD's for starters - not one that is meant to besically be just a starter system then expanded online. You might look into Mandrake. I'd avoid fedora, as you need to download software to get mp3 capability.

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