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OdiousKangaroo 03-15-2004 07:28 PM

Debian: IRC Services 5.0.28 installation trouble

I'm trying to set up a private IRC network using ircd 2.10.10.p11 (ircu: Undernet IRC Server deamon) from the debian package and appropriate services. I've been working with IRC Services 5.0.28 (also from the debian package) The problem I'm having is that I can't seem to start the process at all. I get "Illegal Instruction" every time I try and fire it up. I've even tried chmoding it and setting the priviliages to -rwxr-xr-x (which matches the privilages on the ircd itself) and this dosen't help any either. I'm pretty new to linux so I'm not too sure what I'm doing sometimes. If there's something I'm missing here please help. These services should work with the version of ircd I'm using. I haven't had any problem getting ircd itself up and running, just the services.

Any help is greatly appreciated,
Odious the Golden Kangaroo

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