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jhecht 07-22-2004 03:16 PM

Debian install breaks on 'Add Locale'
I moved from Suse to Slackware, because the stock Suse was WAY slow.

And then from Slackware to Debian because no one can tell me why my floppy drive mounts in read-only in Slackware when using any GUI.

Now I've dl'd the CD iso images and burned them to disks. Started the install, and it went fine through the first part.

But it breaks each time at 'Install Additional Locales'. You can select more locales, but the 'Enter' key will not give an 'accept' - it just sits there. In fact, after it breaks on the first cycle, the 'Enter' key brings up the 'Help' menu.

This is using disk 1 - the 'vanilla' kernel. I'm retrying it with bf24 to see if that helps.

Can't I get a stock version of Linux to run 'out of the box', with decent speed? I'm not asking a lot, Web access, email, and a functioning floppy drive...

Further, the Debian install doc, which was lovingly detailed up to Chapter 8, breaks down and does not deal with several of the screen options presented during setup. Including, of course, the 'Additional Locales' option, or any way of avoiding it.

Can I scream now, or must I wait?


I freakin' found it! If you hit the 'tab' hey, it will switch the active point from the list of additional 'locales' to the <ok> "button'. You can then hit "Enter" and go on with the setup.

Of course, this is NOT in the docs, NOT displayed on the screen, totally $#@! hidden. Could someone please document this kind of $h!t?!?!

(screaming into the corner) AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!

Ah, I feel much better now...


A Debian user/helper replied immediately to an email I sent, and advised me to use the 'Sarge' version instead of the supposedly more stable 'Woody' version. I downloaded the 1 CD installer, and did a Web based install. It took a long time (4-5 hrs) - but went in and set up without a hiccup. Impressive!

Further, runing the latest version of Debian seems to have solved my floppy write problems! Debian still has some probs - the screen rez won't go above 800 x 600, and it DID go up there running Slackware. But overall, a MUCH easier setup, with lots more functionality. Not to mention better support than Slackware, and many more options for pay-for-help, if you need it.

Slack is a tad faster - but no one could fix my read-only floppy problem, despite the help of many people here. The Slackware Project promises (in writing) to give you install support if you buy the official CD's. I bought both the CD's, and a book. Sent 4-5 emails, and called twice. No response, no email, zero, zip, nada. Too bad, I liked Slackware...

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