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Guybrush 03-17-2003 12:23 PM

Debian dist-upgrade
Hi! I dont know, if the following problem should be posted to this forum, but I didn't see any that seemed to fit better.
I installed Debian (Woody) using the Knoppix distribution. The KDE display manager was installed as a default. In order to install a certain package which was declared "unstable", I had to update my /etc/apt/sources.list to use "unstable" packages.
I started "aptitude" in order to install my package. aptitude saw new versions for many programs as I had previously only used stable packages. Hence I decided to make a apt-get dist-upgrade first in order to install the newest versions. The dist-upgrade seemed to do quite well but for some reason I dont quite understand, it uninstalled kde completely. And that's exactly my problem: When trying to re-install kde manully using i.e. aptitude or synaptic, many packages are missing so it won't work out! The config files of kde are still present so I think there should be a way to "save" my setup.... Any ideas how to bring kde back to life again?

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