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chrismiceli 12-29-2002 12:19 AM

cursor half-life
when i run any app with winex it works great, but when i load half-life, the cusor is always busy after the menus generate, i have to kill it and x, then startx again. this happens everytime. any help would be appreciated.

Null 12-29-2002 11:05 AM

Your best bet will be to go to transgaming's forums and search there. Even moreso if you actually have a transgaming subscription.

chrismiceli 12-29-2002 04:05 PM

i got it to work, i had to set the "desktop" = "800x600" so it wouldn't go fullscreen, half-life must have been messed up going full screen, i found that at a forum at transgaming, thanx Null.

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