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EwanG 05-07-2004 09:30 AM

Curious problem with ffmpeg
Am having the most curious problem with ffmpeg.

Capture all my files through Kino from a Canopus ADVC-100. The created AVI is a type 2 DV AVI file with Open DML support. In general, I use the following command for ffmpeg:
ffmpeg -I input_file001.avi -s 720x480 -b 4096
-hq "/disks/hdd1/Processed/OutputFile.avi"

and get a very clean, well synced file to play back using MPlayer.

However, on some of my larger files (usually longer than 45 minutes), it seems that ffmpeg will die partway through the file. No error message, it just stops encoding. Doesn't seem to be at the same length or output file size or anything obvious I can figure out.

Have tried using Cinelerra to render out these large files, but even on an AMD Athlon 64-bit chip with 512 megs of RAM it seems to create files that have serious audio sync issues.

Any suggestions?


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