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CrashedAgain 06-10-2006 10:52 PM

cups printer list & digikam
I am attempting to install a Debian system...started with Debian netinstall which gives a Sarge system but have upgraded to unstable.

Having all sorts of are two biggies:

1. I cannot install any printers because the system is unable retreive a printers list. I have installed kdeprint and cupsys but apparently the printers list is not in theses packages.

2. I cannot get digikam to retreive files from my Kodak V550 camera. I CAN connect & retreive using gphoto2 but digikam will see the files on the camera but fails to retrieve them. There was a problem with Kodak cameras & digikam a while back caused by a bug in libgphoto2 & the fix required an updated kernel so I have installed kernel-image 2.6.15 but still no go.


uteck 06-12-2006 12:30 PM

You also need the foomatic packages for the printer discription files.
For Digikam, you may need the kamara package also, but I am not sure about that.

CrashedAgain 06-12-2006 02:12 PM

Finally got printers installed by going to http://localhost:631 wihich will remote installprinters on your system. It also repaired something (I don't know what) in the ccnfig files somewhere because I was getting errors about cups server not being able to connect-reason unknown.

Digikam is still not retrieving files from the camera. I do have the 'kamera' package installed.

I am also having trouble getting my tv card to play. I have put v4l in the xorg.conf & run v4l-config but xawtv still will not read the stream.

I have almost given up on this install. I am trying to replace my Debian-started-as-Kanotix-bh9 system because I have always had trouble with the DVD driver and the video setup on this system; specifically the DVD is very prone to seek errors on DVD's which will read OK in windows (dual boot system) using the same DVD drive and the video gives segmentation faults with some apps. I installed a minimal Debian system for another reason & discovered that these problems do not occur with the Debian system so I am trying to get it set up as a replacement. However, I am having so many setup problems that I did an install of the latest Kanotix (yes my HD is all chopped up now) to see if it is any better. So far I have discovered that the Digikam problem is the same with it; the tv card works but no sound yet & I haven't had time to check the DVD drive.

Wish I could just figure out how to upgrade the DVD driver & fix the video on the original system as everything else is working fine on it.

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