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larsj 04-16-2006 01:19 PM

CUPS IPP printing problem with Win-XP Home
Sorry everyone, but I had to remove the URL from this as it is my first post. I hope it still makes sense.


I have an interesting problem that I have been unable to solve and hope that someone here can help.

I have a small home network with a Fedora Core 4 LINUX server (zeus) using OpenLDAP for authentication and 3 Windows XP PCs.
I have set up SAMBA to be a domain controller for my home domain and I have two printers attached to the server (an HP Laserjet and an HP Deskjet).
CUPS is set up and these two printers work nicely if I want to print from applications (like OpenOffice) running on the server.
I can also print to these two printers via SAMBA from any of the Windows boxes BUT (as others have pointed out) this is a VERY slow process (takes several minutes to get a job to start printing from any of the Windows boxes). So I followed the various pieces of good advice about using IPP printing instead of going via SAMBA.

Port 631 is open on my server and printing works nice and fast from two of my Windows XP PCs, however, the 3rd XP PC can not use IPP at all and I have been unable to find out why.

The two PCs that work with IPP are running XP Pro but the one that doesn't work is running XP Home (sadly this means that this PC can not be a member of my domain like the other two and maybe this is part of the problem?)

Anyway, I thought that if I set up CUPS so that no authentication is required then all would be fine but for some reason when I attempt to add a printer on the XP Home PC using a URL like this:

<URL removed but it is waht you would expect with port 631 in it>

I get asked by Windows for a username and password to connect and CUPS is giving the following error:

IsAuthorized: pam_authenticate() returned 7 (Authentication failure)!

This is happening even though I have entered the username and password that I use to login to the server (so I know it is correct and it is also the same username and password that SAMBA uses).

The cupsd.conf entry for hplaser is:

<Location /printers/hplaser>
Order Deny,Allow
Deny From All
Allow from @LOCAL
AuthClass Anonymous
AuthType None

(Note that the above URL works fine on the two XP Pro boxes and does NOT prompt for a username and password).

Any ideas what else I need to do will be gratefully received.



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