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LonelyStar 09-03-2008 05:02 AM

CUPS - having network AND local printers

I have a Laptop with cups and a printer installed on it. Now I have a different computer with cups and sharing a printer of the network.

To access the shared printer, I put this into the /etc/cups/client.conf of the Laptop:

# Servername

# Encryption
Encryption IfRequested

I now can access the network printer, but the local disappeared and also the pdf printer. What do I have to do, to have both?


arizonagroovejet 09-05-2008 06:49 AM

Is the IP address that of one physical printer or is the address of a CUPS server which advertises a queue for one or more network printers?

If is just one physical printer then revert your /etc/cups/client.conf so that the server is then you should be able to see your local printer again. Then use whatever tools your distro provides to add a new printer and say that the address of the printer is

If however is the address a CUPS server which advertises a queur for one or more network printers and you want access to all those pritners then it's a bit trickier. Unfortunately CUPS does not seem to have been designed with the scenario that people might want to have both a locally connected printer and printers advertised by a remote CUPS server available at the same time in mind. Or at least if it has I have never worked out how to do it nicely. The best solution I know is to use BrowsePoll. This means that you run a CUPS server locally on your machine and periodically asks other CUPS servers for a list of available printers. Look in cupsd.conf for mention of BrowsePoll and add the lines


Then find the reference to BrowseInterval and set it to something higher than the default 30 seconds. Unless you think asking the remote CUPS server for a list of printers every 30 seconds is sensible in which case leave that setting at the default. If you change the value of BrowseInterval then you will need to also change the value of BrowseTimeout to something higher than what you set BrowseInterval to.
You should then be able to see any printers set up locally and any printers available on the server at

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