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kvtournh 11-17-2006 03:51 AM

CUPS does not send printer options

I have installed a cups server that send browspackages to a select number of clients.

When a client also has a cups server installed and just receives the browsepackages, the client sees the printeroptions of each printer. Like long-side printing, stapling etc etc.

Nonetheless when the client does not have a cups server installed, but just uses cups-common to be able to print via the server, it does not receive the enteries of the options. It sees that it can staple, it sees that it can print recto-verso but we can not choose an option, the option fields are all blanc, and we can not say to the printer that it has to do it recto verso two on each page etc etc. It is possible to do this over the commandline, but then you need to know all the options of the printer.

Does anybody have an idea how this is possible and how i can solve this. Because I don't think other users need a cups-server running if they don't have any printers installed.


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