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zeebra 07-22-2012 07:52 AM

cryptsetup UUID/dev/sdax problem
Anyone with extra knowledge on cryptsetup and uuid could probably help me with this issue.

I am running multiple distroes, one with cryptsetup luks. This partition and distro used to be the main one, then I changed to another distro on another partition as the main one.
I currently have /dev/sda1 as /boot, /dev/sda7 as the current main distro.
I have /dev/sda5 as cryptsetup partition dm-0.

Problem is that the cryptsetup partition used to be /dev/sda6 and is now /dev/sda5. Additionally UUID has been changed (quite sure, not certain).
So, I tried to boot my /dev/sda5 distro with cryptsetup, everything was messed up, partition was not found etc. I changed grub config, I changed fstab in /dev/sda5 (which I can mount normally through my main distro).

This helped somewhat, but then I ended up having a problem with cryptsetup. Cryptsetup still thinkgs /dev/sda5 is /dev/sda6. I get a message when I try to decrypt the partition during boot that /dev/sda5 becomes crypt/sda6. Consequently it refused to decrypt the partition during boot.
I thought it would help to edit /etc/crypttab to match everything, but this did not change anything.

Is there some other way to configure cryptsetup in /dev/sda5 when I am booted in another distro with /dev/sda7?

How is cryptsetup reconfigured to account for changes in device number and/or UUID?

Why does cryptsetup load /dev/sda5 and move it to /crypt/sda6?

Please help!

Ps. I get timeout 1 minute (looking for /dev/sda5/6) for both sda5 and sda6 when booting /dev/sda5 before I can type decryption password. I know this is due to init issues with mismatching UUID. but this should not be relevant?

roger_heslop 07-23-2012 10:25 PM

I imagine that you are dual booting your system, and trying to get the LUKs encrypted partition to automount within each image?

The first thing I would recommend is to use the UUID of the filesystem in /etc/fstab instead of the drive label - and the UUID of the disk/partition in /etc/crypttab. (You should be able to get the UUID from the disk/partition from the command 'blkid')

If you find you have no success, post outputs from fstab and crypttab.

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